Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jaidyn's pre-school

So I saw a news article on KSL about a controversial pre-school program for children. It's free and it's called UPSTART which is provided through the state with grant money. (which was why it was controversial) I really wanted to get Jaidyn into pre-school, but couldn't afford it.
This was like an answer to prayers. The Waterford Institute supports it and it's really cool. We've just gotten into it, but you first install the software they send you and your child takes a test to see where their strong points and weaker points are so it can cater the learning for your child. Jaidyn is half done with the test and he likes it so far. It's done for 15 minutes a day minimum, or your child can do more if they want to. There's a limited amount of kids that can do it so if you want to try to get your child into it too, here's the website. www.utahupstart.org
I'm excited to see how far Jaidyn can come with this and how ready he'll be when kindergarten comes around.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I am amazed at my children! We went to dinner at a friends house tonight and they have a pet tarantula named Shiloh which they pulled out for all to hold. MAN!!! I HATE spiders!!!! My children were so brave and each held the spider. When it came to them asking me to hold it, I promptly started to cry. Pretty embarrassing if you ask me, but that's true fear for you right? We had lot's of fun and really appreciate good friends.