Friday, January 1, 2010

Hannah Banana!

My beautiful daughter is turning 6 on Thursday and I'm so proud of her.  You all should know how amazing she is but I'll tell it from my biased opinion.  She's reading, she's spelling on her own, she's loving, caring and very head strong just like me.  We butt heads a lot since we don't want to back down.  She's an amazing daughter and I am so proud to be her mother.  More like to be chosen to be her mother by a loving Heavenly Father to be her mother.  Here's a few pictures of her from the beginning to now.  Happy Birthday Hannah, I love you.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years

This year I'm saying good bye to too much sugar, carbonation and exercising just a bit more.  I've been overweight for far too long and am now ready to change that. 

This past year was better than the last and I'm looking forward to 2010 being even better than 2009.  I'm grateful for the path my life has led me to, trials and all.  I'm grateful for my awesome husband and amazing children.  I'm truly lucky to have such amazing people in my life.  I'm also grateful for my reuniting with my father and for the exciting path that will take me on. 

I wish the best for you this new year and hope you have an amazing journey.


I had my surgery today and it was discoverd that only my right fallopian tube didn't stay sealed after having it done after Jaidyn was born.  My Dr. was also kind enough to take some pictures for me.  I now have shots of among other things, a kidney and my liver.  Pretty fun I think!  I was so sad to have to go in after the possibility of maybe being able to have another baby again but it would have ended up putting my life in extreme danger having to terminate which is something I personally would really struggle with.  All in all, I know what I did was right and I'm so grateful for loving and supportive family and friends.  I appreciate you all!