Saturday, May 23, 2009

What else?

Well this year has been a rough one for our health! First my heart which included an MRI, a monitor, then a visit to the ER where I had a pelvic CT, then just this month Marc was diagnosed with 2 kidney stones one of which requires the sound wave treatment and just yesterday I found out I have a 4.2cm ovarian cyst on my right ovary.
That one started out normal, but I was feeling nauseous and kind of like I was pregnant so I went to the Dr. and he did a blood test and found my white blood cell count was up to 15,000 which made him think it could have been appendicitis. So off to the hospital I went for yet another CT scan to rule out my appendix. I figured it was just a cyst, but better to be safe than sorry. BTW, no babies yet.
Marc and I were adding up all the out of pocket expenses and we're at about $5,000. WOW! We are feeling so overwhelmed that we don't know if our heads will ever get above water! I'm really grateful for insurance though because that number would be outrageous!

So, now I'm wondering what else will be hitting us next. Maybe we'll have insurance paying everything soon since we are closing in on the out of pocket all around. UGH, what a weekend.

I hope you're all having fun! We will be having fun with friends tomorrow.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Our pool is opening on Friday! Here's to fun in the water and in the sun. I'm excited for the kids to turn into fish since we go so much. Happy almost Summer!