Friday, February 5, 2010

Need to complain.. It's a long one!

I just have to say this week has been one of the worst ones in a long time.  My mom needed to go to the hospital for what's called a "cardiac conversion" on Monday which is a procedure where the Dr. shocks the heart to get it beating regularly again.  Her heart had been in "atrial fibrillation" which meant the top part of the heart wasn't pumping the blood correctly.  The Dr. let me stay in the room to watch the process and I must say it was horrible yet very interesting to watch.  My mom was so helpless and yet I knew she'd be just fine.  It brought back all the feelings that came when she had her first heart surgery.  She had an aortic aneurysm blow and tear into her heart when I was 16.  I was told she wasn't going to make it through the night and that I needed to make preparations.  Needless to say that scared the hell out of me and I felt a whole rush of those old emotions leading up to the procedure that Monday morning.  I love her so much and realized yet again just how grateful I am for her amazing example for me.

The very next day we found out that a pay check from some side work Marc did for a company wiring their internet and phones for them of over $1000.00 had bounced which sent us into a deep spiral of crap!  I only found out when I was at the store trying to buy milk and a few other things and I had to embarrassingly walk away empty handed and with no milk to speak of.  Luckily I had some coins at home I got together so I could buy another gallon but good grief!  We can't pay rent which was due on the 1st, buy groceries, pay any bills...  Good thing our landlord April is very understanding and is willing to work with us.  The responsible party for the bounced check said he'd cover any fees it cost us which will include any late rent fees and I wish it could cover "pain and suffering".  I've gotten pretty creative with what I've had to cook for dinner to make it exciting for the kids and us.

On top of all that stuff, Hannah and Jaidyn have come down with really horrible sore throats and have had to stay home from school.  We don't really see Marc all week due to his school schedule keeping him away Monday-Wednesday evenings until after the kids are in bed.  Then I have a class on Thurs. nights so I really don't see him or get to spend any quality time with him until Friday and the weekend.  Which leads me to this, he's gone this weekend with some of his guy friends at a cabin up the canyon...  With the week I've had I just wanted a break and some kind of relaxation but there's no money, no time and plenty of frustration.

I can say I've had a few good things happen during all this misery, Jaidyn read his first book all by himself!!!  We're so proud of him!  He just picked it up and started reading... It's called "Stop the tot" from the scholastic phonics sets.  His big sister Hannah has been quite the little teacher helping him learn and it helps he wants to do what she's doing.  I've also learned that children's laughter and loves can melt any frustrations away in a short time.

So, sorry this post is so long but I just needed to rant for a bit.  Thank you for sitting through all this, that means you really care!  Just kidding, love you all!