Monday, March 29, 2010

Sick and Tired

We are sick and tired at our house... Jaidyn has had a fever since Saturday and a pretty bad sounding cough.  Well, we went to the Dr. on Thursday and they said it was viral bronchitis and said take some Delsym for the cough and sent us on our way.  They also told us the fever should be gone by the next day.  Saturday he was fine with just the usual cough which was good since we had a family gathering the next day.  So he went with Marc and Hannah to the gathering while I stayed home with a stomach bug which was no fun.  I missed being with my extended family...  Last night Jaidyn woke us up with an earache and was in a lot of pain.  This morning they were still bothering you so we went to the Dr. yet again and found out he has a double ear infection and yet another bout of a 102 fever.  I'm so tired of sickness in our house but I can't imagine how bad Jaidyn feels.  I hate to see little ones suffer...  Here's to a good week ahead since our spring break starts Tuesday.