Friday, August 28, 2009

Well, now...

There's so much to post as well as time getting away from me. We're camping this weekend as one final fling before things get worse! Hannah's starting kindergarten on Monday and her teacher was very impressed with how much she knew and said she's one of the advanced students in the class. I hope Hannah doesn't get too bored and that her teacher can challenge her. Her teacher has been teaching for over 30 years so I think she'll be great. Jaidyn starts preschool on the 8th and I'll have 3 hours M-Th. to my self! I'm so excited to get caught up on cleaning and self care.

We've been fishing several times and I have pictures to share of those trips, we haven't caught anything but we haven't lost our love or hope of catching fish. Maybe this weekend will be good for us.

Marc's health has improved while my cyst has started to become worse. I have an appointment with another Dr. this next month to see what needs to happen. It causes more and more pain every time it flares up which is more than I like. I hope it doesn't require too much to solve the problem, my mom had a grapefruit sized cyst and they had to remove it with her ovary and found it was borderline cancerous. I hope that's not the case with me, but I do know my cyst is pretty large. So, wish me luck on that one.

Marc's brother is coming home from his mission in November, just in time for Thanksgiving. Out of all the siblings, Marc and Bradley are the only ones to serve missions and we're so happy for him. We can't wait to hear more of his stories. Another of Marc's brothers, Michal, is being ordained an Elder sometime soon and we're really excited for him. Marc has an amazing family of which I'm grateful to be a part of.

So, in a nutshell that's what's happening around our part of the world... I'll post many pictures next week with Hannah's first day of school included. I'm so proud of Hannah and the little woman she's becoming. I'm excited for Jaidyn to get to go to school as well so he can branch out and become a better little man. Jaidyn really is an amazing little man now so I'm excited to see just how much better he gets.

Have a great week!!