Friday, June 27, 2008

Blue fingers and toes!

So my daughter and niece got blue fingernail polish at the store today. It looks really cute on them! And I must mention that I'm really proud of my little ones!
Jaidyn and Shaylee decided that it was ok to jump off the side of the pool and go under! Hannah is still learning that it's ok to do as well. She's close though, and it's only been two weeks that we've been going to our pool here! I love them so much! They all bring me so much happiness.
Thank you to all of my friends... You mean so much to me especially the talks we have. (Aimee and Jessica G.)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My 4th of July plans!

So I'm currently hoping to run/walk in the annual Freedom Festival run( just the 5K/3.1 miles) just before the parade in Provo. Just the other night I ran/walked 4 miles in one hour... I'm hoping to walk/run every other day so I can cut that time by a few minutes at least. Can I just say how fun it was, but boy was I sore the next day... It's been a while since I've walked so much. Back in high school this much walking didn't phase me. Oh well, wish me luck!!!!

Later that day after the big parade, we will be heading to the grassy area in front of the Provo Temple to watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks and have a bbq with many family members and friends. I hope you all have a good 4th!