Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas fun!

We had a wonderful Christmas. My mom came up to SLC and stayed the night with us which is always fun to have her especially for the kids. I feel we had a wonderful and humble Christmas this year compared to other years. There were fewer presents but what was there was greatly loved and appreciated. Marc was given a gift certificate that we donated to help a family who we knew were in desperate need. I think in the next couple years I want to go serve meals on Christmas instead of receive. I always love helping others where and when I can even if it's not much. Here's the tree before the kids got up... We didn't take any pics while opening since it added to the humbleness in our opinion. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too. Much love!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow fun!

Well, yesterday Utah County and further north of us got pounded with snow and we got nothing! NADA except our snow melted a bit. So in light of no snow and actually being upset about it I am posting some pictures we took last week when it snowed a lot. This was my birthday on the 18th. The kids loved it and I think I got some fun pictures.... Enjoy!

And MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Please remember the real reason why we celebrate, because of our Savior Jesus Christ and His life and sacrifice.