Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas fun!

We had a wonderful Christmas. My mom came up to SLC and stayed the night with us which is always fun to have her especially for the kids. I feel we had a wonderful and humble Christmas this year compared to other years. There were fewer presents but what was there was greatly loved and appreciated. Marc was given a gift certificate that we donated to help a family who we knew were in desperate need. I think in the next couple years I want to go serve meals on Christmas instead of receive. I always love helping others where and when I can even if it's not much. Here's the tree before the kids got up... We didn't take any pics while opening since it added to the humbleness in our opinion. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too. Much love!

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Amanda said...

Merry Christmas! It sounds like you guys had a good one! I'm looking forward to having a girls night this next month!