Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So, I'm sorry I've been such a slacker lately... There's been stuff going on but I've been lacking the motivation to get on and post.

Here's what's been happening, the ward rearranged the Primary Presidency and I'm still the secretary and I love it. I'm excited for this new presidency and what will be happening in the future. Primary is a fun place to be for sure!

Marc planned a fun get away for this past weekend... He kept it a secret until we barely got on the road. We had some friends join us, Camilla and Maui, which was even more fun. We had some great experiences with them spiritually and of course tons of fun. We went to the Days of '47 Rodeo which was really fun, there was a monkey on a dog that corralled some animals and was really entertaining. We love rodeos so it was fun to finally visit one after so long. This is the first time Marc has surprised me with such a big thing and I really appreciated it.

Yesterday was Marc's birthday. He wanted me to make his new favorite cake which is made with Chai tea and other yummy stuff. Here's the link to the recipe if you want to try it! It's truly amazing for sure. He also requested salmon but I told him we didn't have enough money for it and he said pork chops would be his second choice... Well, we went to the store during the day and I bought salmon for Marc's b-day dinner (which was worth the money sacrifice) and he was really happy and thought it was the best salmon I had ever made. I really appreciate Marc, he works really hard for our family. Even though we've had our recent trials that nearly tore us apart, through a lot of love and outside support we are now becoming an even stronger couple than ever before. We still have a long road ahead of us, but I'm looking forward to the new us and am loving the changes we're making already. He is a wonderful and loving husband and I love him.