Friday, May 15, 2009

Grateful to be a mom!

I have to say I love hanging out with my Hannah. Tonight it was just us girls while the boys went to father and son's camp out. We went to see the new Hannah Montana movie and we both loved it. I was so surprised I actually liked the movie. After the movie, we came home and watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua which was alright in my opinion and Hannah was mostly impressed. I pulled out our huge air mattress so we could snuggle the night away. She fell asleep not too long ago after reading one small story. Tomorrow we plan to eat strawberries for breakfast then go to the zoo. She is really the best little girl anyone could ask for. I'm so happy she's a mommy's girl right now, I'm really enjoying her wanting to snuggle and learn from me. It won't last long and I'm relishing the attention.
Jaidyn has turned into a daddy's boy and really loves helping Marc in any way he can which is really awesome and heartwarming to witness. He will be an amazing young man when he grows up. There's something about him and it's not just because I'm his mom. He's doing so well in his preschool on the computer. He now knows how to write and spell his name which he couldn't do a week ago. AMAZING! I'm proud of both of my children and am honored to be their mother.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Flat Iron Give Away!!!

I'm really excited about this, a hair blog that I follow is giving away a Corioliss 1" Black Flat Iron - Classic Pro! It's worth $200, all you need to to is go to THIS SITE and enter. You get a lot of entries for doing specific things but I think it will be worth it! Go and enter now!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Locks of Love

So a blog that I follow is wanting volunteers to donate ten inches of hair each for other children who need wigs due to whatever reason. I explained to Hannah what that meant and she decided she wanted to donate too so this fall Hannah will donate her hair for this great cause. Here's a link to the site I follow, she needs more volunteers so if you're interested join the cause! She also posts really cute hairdo ideas for girls and is a great site for ideas.