Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I just needed to say how grateful I am for my husband and tell him and all my readers out there just how much I love him. We've struggled recently and because of those trials we've become even stronger than I ever thought we could be. I can say now that I'm grateful for my trials, ALL of them.
Recently I was asked if I had the chance to go back and do things over again what would I change? I didn't have to think long about that and the answers came easily. I'd finish high school instead of leaving early because of pregnancy at 17. I wouldn't go back and not get pregnant though, just like I said before I wouldn't change many of my trials since they've made me who I am today. I'm grateful that because I got pregnant a wonderful mother and father have two beautiful children. I know Heavenly Father wanted those two sweet children to go to them. I would not have tried drinking, smoking and other bad things for my body. I would still choose the direction my life took me though because every day I become more and more proud of who I am. I'm not perfect and never will be but I strive to be a good person.

I am grateful for the repentance process and the Atonement that makes it all possible to change for the better. Forgiveness is sweet and we must remember to forgive as we are forgiven so readily.

So, I love my husband Marc, I love my children Hannah and Jaidyn, I love me, I love my faith and belief in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

There, I Fixed It...

This is a hilarious site Marc just sent me! I love the creativity people use and the also "what in the world were/are you thinking" people use as well. Enjoy!

Click HERE