Monday, November 17, 2008

Anxiety and baking

I have been suffering with some anxiety lately and I've decided that I needed to bake to help ease the stress. A while back I got an awesome bread recipe from Becca Mathis and decided I needed to make the bread. Her recipe is so easy and good and if you want it I can e-mail it to you... It makes 3 loaves total.

Back to the anxiety... Shaylee our niece who's been living with us is having her teeth fixed with general anesthesia and I'm a bit nervous for her since it's her first. I know I've mentioned this before, but today we were told the time of 11:45. She can't eat or drink after she goes to bed tonight so she's going to be really hungry tomorrow. I hope after she recovers she will be able to eat pretty well. Maybe we'll do something special for the meals...
Then there's the subject of Christmas which we're really excited for but anxious about how to provide one... My father in law always said that children come with their own bread baskets which means that everything somehow works out which I'm praying for. Besides, it might be a good time to really focus on why we celebrate Christmas.
I've also felt alone lately even thought I know I'm not. My friends live farther away and I miss them. I haven't had a girls night out for quite a while now and I'm discovering I really need them.

Well, enough with the pity party. This week I'm going to strive to be a better mom and person and whip myself into shape. I'm setting goals for myself as far as cleaning and organizing better, planning meals etc. and I went to this website and have decided to get the yearly organizer that is weekly. I know it's an early time to start thinking about change since it's not January, but I figured while I have the change "bug" I'd better act on it.


Camilla Marie Aikau said...

Hi Heather. Amanda and I were talking about how we both need a girls night too. We should get together and have one! Let us know what is a good time for you and an idea of something to do. I live in Eagle Mountain now so maybe we can meet somewhere in between our houses and go to dinner or something. Call me and we will make a solid plan.

Jess said...

Wow, that picture brings back some memories. That was such an awesome place to live, it was great living beneath you guys!! Good times. I mean seeing you at bunco a LOT! Hope things get better soon!

Love ya