Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh My Goodness!

My daughter Hannah has recently fallen in love with High School Musical! She begged and begged me to rent the movie so she could sing with it since that's all she wants to do is sing. I rented #1 and she had some of the lyrics down within a day. She is soooo funny and an amazing singer. I am amazed she can carry such a great tune. She knows all the names of the characters and we went to rent number 2 today and now we're watching it for the second time. I love her excitement and love that it can be something just for her. Now, the dilemma comes as to what to do for Christmas as far as HSM goes.
I never thought my almost 5 year old would already be into such a thing, but she really is surprising me every day as to her growth and independence. She's an amazing little woman for her age and I'm really proud to have her as my daughter.

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