Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hannah's 5th Birthday!

Here's some photos from her birthday today. We're doing a larger party on the 24th for both Jaidyn and Hannah but today was all about her. Last night to kick things off, we went to Bedtime Stories and it was AWESOME! I really didn't want to see it but I ended up loving it and would recommend it to you. Then this morning we opened presents as pictured, then got ready to play in the snow again. (we didn't get as much in Salt Lake as those further south of us) The snow was perfect snowman making so we built a large one, but it fell not long after we built it since it was warmer today. Then we did some errands and came home and waited for my mom to come up from Provo and we went to dinner. Hannah requested french toast and Jaidyn wanted strawberry smiley pancakes so we went to Jim's Family Restaurant. Marc had to leave this afternoon for his first day of school so he missed the errands and dinner. Then after dinner we came home and sang Happy Birthday to Hannah and she blew out her candle. Today was sooooo much fun and I am amazed that I already have a 5 year old. She's so smart and blows me away every day with how much she knows. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH!

What a cute little girl!!

Hannah and her High School Musical makeup!

High School Musical chapstick!


Aimee said...

Ahhh how fun!!!

What happened to her forehead?

T + 2 said...

They grow up way too quickly! Happy birthday Hannah!