Thursday, March 5, 2009

MRI Results and More!

The good news is my heart is normal in every way. No blockages, good valves, good size heart... I'm just waiting on what the blood test showed, probably nothing.

So, that's a bit of good news for the day, but I was hoping they'd see something so I don't have to wear my heart monitor. That's ok since my heart has been acting up and this monitor has been able to send it to the people that are watching me. This monitor is called ACT by Lifestar and it constantly sends signals from my heart sensors through a cell phone which is pretty cool. The only bad thing is I have to stay within 10ft of it or it looses the signal. I'm thinking with all these tests we'll meet our deductable so stuff will be paid for 100% after that. This is one expensive time in our life, but you also have to do what it takes to take care of you.

We get to go to the temple tomorrow night for the first time in 6 months! I don't know why I didn't go by myself ever, I just think now it's better when you go with your husband. Marc's extremely excited to be able to go. Our trials have been hard and now we're starting on the right track together. He's worked hard to get to where he is now and feels stronger than ever in the gospel. We're really excited and are really grateful for my mom making it possible by going way out of her way for us. I love her, she's the best mom and grandmother you could ever ask for.

I didn't forget about posting pictures of the zoo, I've just run out of time tonight but I'll post tomorrow. I will have time then.

Much love!

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Aimee said...

Awesome on the heart and everything else :)
Your mom is a way awesome mom, thats for sure. :)

I'll watch your kids anytime, you guys wanna go to the Mt. Timp temple, its like 5 min. away from here. I owe you babysitting anyways... keep that in mind!!! Especially on a visitation weekend. :)