Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Holy Cow

I realized today I really don't have much to say about things.

The one thing I can report is that my heart seems to be normal and the fainting spells and weird heart beats are normal. I personally have a hard time believing that, but I did cut out caffeine and it seems to have helped my heart not beat so differently.

We are so loving the warmer weather, I'm so glad it's finally here instead of the snow in the middle of April! I actually got some sun yesterday and plan to spend a lot of time outside today.

We did hang out with some awesome friends this weekend and it was so much fun being with them, they are good people and we look forward to hanging out again with them. Thank you for the great time you guys!

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Amanda said...

Heather- I feel like such a dork for not asking about your heart stuff when we were together! I'm so glad you're doing okay. Lets plan another get-together once Marc gets back!