Sunday, March 14, 2010

St. Patrick'sDay Corned Beef

Here's my recipe for the best Corned Beef you'll ever taste!  I've experimented over the years with different recipes but this one tops them all.  I don't like using the spice packet that comes with the roast so I just toss those.  All I do is use one 12oz bottle of Bud Light Golden Wheat beer, one can of beef broth, 2 C water, chopped garlic, 1 small onion and boil in my covered stock pot for at least 5 hours on low.  The beer actually has a wonderful flavor and actually helps get rid of some of the fat inside the beef since it's full of it.  We don't drink beer but this beer has an awesome flavor to cook this with.  Give it a try and tell me how you like it!!

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