Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday Blues

I'm not too excited it's Monday, but we did have a great weekend. We were invited to be in a group that once a month eats food from different countries. There are 4 different couples and we get to try French food. I chose the appetizer and drinks and I'm thinking of doing something called Gougeres or cheese puffs. They look really good, but I"m having a hard time thinking of a French drink... Since we don't drink wine I wanted to think of something creative besides "fancy" grape juice. Do any of you readers have any ideas? Please leave me a comment!

Recently I've come into contact with a family I got to know almost 13 years ago and I'm so grateful that they found me as well as being able to keep tabs on each other after all this time. I love the parents as well as the children and am so grateful for them being apart of my life.

It's been raining a lot and now we're looking at some snow!! I don't know if I'm completely ready for that, but we'll see shortly right? My kids are way too excited for the snow and can't wait to build another snowman or snow woman like this one we did last year.
Here's to changing weather and upcoming holidays! I'm excited for Thanksgiving and all the yummy food!


Auburn said...

Yum! French food! :) For a drink, you could do Perrier--some of the flavors are really tasty. :) Very refreshing! :)

Amanda said...

Yay! You have a blog, I didn't realize. Hopefully you don't mind me reading your every post, I'm a bit blog obsessed! Nice background by the way! :)