Thursday, November 6, 2008


Well, it seems November came quick this year and then before I know it it will be December and Christmas! I can't believe how fast time has gone lately.

This weekend our family is going to Trolley Square for the 100 year old anniversary. The Old Spaghetti Factory is having a special all day that has dinners with 6 items (salad, bread and pasta with spumoni ice cream) for $3.00 a person. Kids dinners of spaghetti is only $1.95 so we're going to take advantage for lunch that day. They have many other exciting activities going on to celebrate the history of the place. Even fireworks at 8:00pm! You should check it out! I think it would be worth it.

Our Primary program is Sunday and I'm so excited for my children to participate in their first one! Our ward let Jaidyn come up into Sunbeams 6 months early due to his getting bored and has really fit in well and loves coming to primary instead of nursery. His birthday is at the end of January so he was 3 a long time ago. So, I have 3 kids in sunbeams and it's really fun. Hannah will move up into the next class and Jaidyn and Shaylee will stay back to learn more of the basics.

I found this really cool blog on another friend's blog and I want to post it here... If you have girls you'll love this one. It shows really cool ways to do their hair! She makes it really easy to follow. I've had fun doing my girls hair and they love it too.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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Amanda said...

Heather- You are a saint! Having three kids in sunbeams has got to be challenging and you are so sweet and positive. I need to be more like you! That girls hair site is such a good idea and has some really cute hairdo's. I'll have to give it a try!