Monday, December 15, 2008

No real news!

So, I don't have any real news to share or a cool story to write as well, but I thought I'd just write and say things are good so far.
Marc had his office party on Saturday and that was fun, white elephant gifts are always fun to exchange. There was yummy food too!
My mom graciously watched the kids from Friday to Sunday and Marc and I had a great weekend alone. We celebrated my birthday a little early and went to dinner, slept till noon (LOL), and had some good talks. Thank you mom!!!
This week is filled with fun stuff, Tues., is Marc's last final so school will be done until next semester. Wednesday we're having dinner with Santa at the Zoo then checking out the lights they put up around the zoo. The kids have no idea that's what we're doing and I'm so excited! Thursday is my b-day and Marc took some of his vacation days he had left so he'll be off Thurs. and Friday. Also on Thurs. my friend Winter is getting married so we'll go to her reception. Then Friday we're visiting Temple Square and listening to my mom's choir sing too. It will be lot's of fun this week!
I hope today's adventures don't dictate how the rest of the week will go... A pipe broke by one of the other apartment buildings in our complex so we have no water right now. I hope it doesn't take long!
Take care all of you who read my blog! Thank you for stopping by!

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T + 2 said...

Oh yay I'll probably see you on Friday!!!! Not sure if we'll be going up or not, but here's hopin!