Friday, May 8, 2009


So, today is a special day for me... It's the day I gave birth do by daughter and placed for adoption. She turns 13 today, my how time has gone by. I'm so proud of the young woman she has become and very proud of the decision I made to place her with such wonderful parents. They are amazing and I love them as well. It's crazy she is as old as she is, I remember being 13 and being so happy to be a teenager. I really hope she has a wonderful day today with her family.

My son also celebrated his 12th birthday on April 18th. He received the Aronic Priesthood and was able to pass the sacrament as well. I'm amazed at the young man he is becoming. I'm told he is so willing to serve others and is preparing for his mission by doing what he can and learning a lot from his parents. I'm so grateful for him being in my life even if it was just a few short months then when he was born, two short days.

I placed these two with the same parents so siblings wouldn't be apart. Like I have said before, I'm so grateful for the blessing of bringing these two special children to earth for their parents who otherwise couldn't have children. I'm also proud of the woman I have become today thanks to all the many trials I've been blessed with.

Happy Birthday Kennedy and Kaden (April 18th), I love you.


Amanda said...

Heather- That is so awesome!! They sound like such good kids. I so admire your courage. Love, Manda

Michelle Iverson said...

Wow! I love that your two babies are growing up together! Your story is so beautiful and inspiring. Life is such an incredible journey isn't it? We all have a common mission to learn to love the Lord, ourselves and others. I am grateful for the experiences that show us how deeply our Heavenly Father loves us, and inspire us to become a better version of ourselves. I am so happy for you and the choices you have made! Thank you for sharing your life. I love you girl!

Becca said...

I am still amazed at your willingness to put your kids up for adoption. I respect you so much for it - as I can only imagine how hard it was. I love how much joy you created by blessing a wonderful couple with a family. You are an amazing mom to Hannah & Jaidyn and they are lucky to have you.