Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday's Ramblings

I've discovered I'm not too exciting these past few days. There's really not much going on with us. We've been hanging out with more of our friends these past few weeks and it's been so much fun to be with them. I feel we have some great friends.

Hannah and Jaidyn are excelling in their own ways. Hannah has had a growth spurt and a lot of her pants are too short, maybe I can fold them to make capri's or something. Good thing it's almost summer so we don't need to get more pants until later. She's been trying Jaidyn's school, UPSTART, and loves it. She's doing a really good job and tested higher than what her age group should be.
Jaidyn is also growing. He's all boy and loves playing in the dirt with his dirt trucks and such. He's also gone through a growth spurt and is turning into a little man. He's also liking UPSTART, but we've discovered he has a hard time sitting for the 15 minutes it requires. He also tested above grade level and is really smart.
We are so proud of Hannah and Jaidyn and the children they are becoming. I'm truly grateful to be their mother since they teach me so much every day.

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