Sunday, November 8, 2009

Up coming Avon specials!

Just to let you know there are some great specials in AVON coming up! There's full size lotions for only $1.49! This includes Moisture Therapy, the Naturals line as well as the silicone glove and skin so soft lines. Lip balms in children's and regular themed styles are only .99 cents! These make great gifts for Christmas as well as for your neighbors who you may need a quick gift when they bring you one. I'm happy to help you get gifts together and give you a catalog if you live close by. If you don't live close by feel free to stop by my website Here's a picture of the lotions for you to preview! Also there's free shipping on any order if you enter the code: FSWER If you want to join my emailing list for great deals for customers only shoot me your email and I'll add you to my list. There's emails that go out weekly or bi-weekly.

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