Monday, January 19, 2009

Heather's Mini Meatloaf!

You have got to try this... I get bored with the usual recipes and decided to try something new.

All you need is:
1 C water
1 lb ground beef
1Pkg (6oz) stuffing mix
1 tsp Garlic powder
Splash of Worcestershire sauce
Barbecue sauce
Grated cheese

Preheat oven to 375. Mix meat, stuffing mix, 1C water, garlic powder and the splash of worcestershire sauce. Press into 12 muffin cups sprayed with cooking spray and make a hole in the center (see picture). Fill the centers with a bit of barbecue sauce (whatever your taste is) and bake for 30 minutes. Top with a bit of cheese and bake for a few more minutes until it's melted and enjoy. You will LOVE THIS!!! And it's so easy to do.


Snell Family said...

That looks yummy. And I never thought of adding cheese to meatloaf but it sounds really good!

Dave and Amber said...

you can never go wrong with cheese. I'm always up to try new recipes. Thanks for that post. My picky family might even like it! :)

Amanda said...

We made your meatloaf yesterday and thought it was so delicious and super easy to make! Thanks for the great recipe!