Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Poem by a dear friend...

My heart was Humpty Dumpty, it sat upon a wall.
Throughout my life, young and old
My heart had oh so many falls.
Sometimes it chipped a little bit,
Other times it completely shattered.
It often hurt, bruised and bumped,
But I wondered if it even mattered.
Was it worth putting back together?
Was it even possible?
I knew I couldn't do it myself,
Was there someone I could call?
Of course there was, but only one.
The one who loved me best.
He came with me and healed my heart
Showed my beauty, gave me rest.
It wasn't without sorrow,
Work and pain companions too.
But oh how worth experiencing
That my Savior has the glue.
His glue not only puts hearts back together,
His glue's not used just for it's stick
His glue is the balm of healing
It's the ONLY glue that'll do the trick,
That puts my heart back together
Makes it stronger than before.
Takes my heart and makes it whole again,
The wounds I feel no more.

Amy Uhl

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